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Being arrested in Rhode Island for driving under the influence can be a terrifying experience. People who have been arrested for this offense are confused about their rights and scared about what may happen to them. As an experienced DUI defense attorney I am familiar with numerous defense tactics that have successfully worked to get my clients DUI cases dismissed. If you have recently been arrested for drinking and driving, it is imperative that you contact me to begin fighting the serious charges against you.

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The Need for a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

In Rhode Island, DUI/ Drunk Driving convictions have increased dramatically over the last few years. You need a Rhode Island DUI lawyer who has the experience and know- how to get your Rhode Island DUI dismissed. Do not be mistaken! A Rhode Island DUI is a serious offense with many potential longstanding repercussions. If you are convicted of a DUI in Rhode Island, the consequences will likely include heavy fines, court costs, potential long-term loss of your driver's license, increases in car insurance, vehicle impoundment, DUI school, community sevice and possible jail time. In addition, a Rhode Island DUI conviction can leave you with a permanent criminal record, hurting your future chances of employment. You will need an experienced Rhode Island DUI lawyer who knows the complicated procedural, evidentiary, and constitutional defenses to drunk driving cases. Rhode Island DUI attorney Michael Zarrella will collect the crucial evidence needed to defend you in your Rhode Island Drunk Driving case.

Rhode Island DUI attorney Michael J. Zarrella prides himself on his many victories in Rhode Island DUI cases and he will diligently work to succeed for you. Attorney Michael J. Zarrella knows that being arrested does not mean that you cannot win your Rhode Island Drunk driving charge. There are many defensive strategies in drunk driving cases. As an experienced RI DUI lawyer, Attorney Michael J. Zarrella knows that an effective way to win a DUI case is to present a coherent theme with a focused attack on the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Whether the DUI breath or blood tests weren’t conducted according to established protocols, or the Constitution and statutory rules were not adhered to, Attorney Zarrella will look for the most effective way to win your case.

Rhode Island DUI cases can be won dispite a failed breath or blood test.

Contrary to public opinion, Rhode Island breathalyzer and blood test results can often be successfully challenged. If the State of Rhode Island does not have reasonable suspicion to pull someone over in the first place, the charges against them will often be thrown out of court based on a motion to suppress. Additionally, Rhode Island law enforcement is required to jump through many statutorial and Constitutional hoops in order to get a Rhode Island DUI/ Drunk Driving conviction. Arresting officers that administer field sobriety tests must do so according to certain prescribed procedures. Failing to adhere to the proper protocol regarding field sobriety tests may lead to the DUI / Drunk Driving charge being dismissed.

Under Rhode Island DUI law, many Rhode Island DUI charges can be dismissed based on many diffent violations by the police. Often proper police procedure is not followed leading to a Rhode Island DUI dismissal. Other times, a dismissal may be granted based on other reasons such as poorly maintained or improperly calibrated DUI breathalyzer machines, certification lapses by law enforcement and/or Constitutional violations of the client's rights.

Common ways to win a Rhode Island DUI Case

When you go into court to face a charge of DUI, you want to walk in with a lawyer who knows when to fight and when to negotiate. You want a lawyer who is known and respected by judges and prosecutors. You want an attorney with a successful track record of getting Rhode Island DUI cases dismissed. Attorney Zarrella has had numerous Rhode Island DUI cases dismissed using various defenses. He knows that there are hundreds of ways to win a Rhode Island DUI charge. Some of the more common ways to win a Rhode Island DUI case are as follows:

You Need a Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Who Will Not Stop Fighting For You

Attorney Michael Zarrella is committed to providing a vigorous defense for anyone charged with a Rhode Island DUI. If you or someone you know has been charged with DUI/drunk driving anywhere in the Rhode Island, Michael Zarrella may be able to help.

The defense of your DUI case starts by calling Rhode Island DUI lawyer Michael Zarrella today at 401-490-6820 or 401-523-5271.

Rhode Island DUI lawyer Michael Zarrella provides DUI service thoughout Rhode Island

Rhode Island DUI Attorney Michael J. Zarrella defends those charged with DUI and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test throughout the State of Rhode Island, including all of the cities and towns in all four counties:

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Fight Your Rhode Island Drunk Driving Charge.

Being arrested for driving under the influence is a terrifying experience. People who have been arrested for these offenses are confused about their rights, often just pleading out at arraignment and never consulting a lawyer. A good Rhode Island DUI defense attorney will be familiar with the numerous defense tactics that have been proven to work for his or her clients, and is often able to prevent a client from receiving the harsh penalties of a DUI. A Rhode Island DUI is not something to take any chances with. Call Rhode Island DUI lawyer Michael Zarrella and let his experience in Rhode Island DUI defense work on your behalf.

Attorney Zarrella is committed to providing each client with personalized attention and unwavering dedication throughout their Rhode Island DUI case.  Attorney Zarrella’s professional goal is to procure a dismissal or a not guilty verdict for all of his clients and to safeguard them against a Rhode Ilsand DUI conviction on their record.

Call Attorney Zarrella today. Attorney Zarrella takes all major credit cards, so he can start working on your Rhode Island DUI case immediatly.

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